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Welcome to #diygrowdata! We believe that all #datapoweredgrows are successful grows regardless of yield weights and potency percentages. With a #datapoweredgrow, growers gain valuable insights with the ability to look back at various key conditions so that they can easily replicate (or try to avoid!) those conditions in future grows!

Data not your thing? Do spreadsheets give you anxiety? Not to worry! We are total nerds about all things growing, data, and analytics. Our tools make wrangling your sensor data super simple. That means more time for analyzing trends, identifyng outliers, and dialing in your grow space conditions for optimal yields & quality!

Not sure where to even start? We've got you covered there too! Check out our About page if you like the idea of higher yields and less guesswork (and less actual work too!).

We're just getting started so feel free to provide feedback on what type of data you would like to track... Contact us at

Grower Insights now available!

Have a Sensorpush or Bluelab Guardian?

Contact us at to learn how to get your data in here!

Want to record data easily?

Get up and running in 3 super-easy steps!

Step 1: Register. We want to protect our cool little tool from those evil-doers who troll the "interwebs" with nothing but hate in their hearts. If you wish to remain anonymous, setup a new gmail account just for us. We will only reach out if we have questions with data you submit or to obtain user feedback on potential enhancement ideas.

Step 2: Start a grow. Before you can start tracking data, we need some high-level information about your grow. This will allow you to compare your data to other growers with similar setups!

Step 3: Do-it-yourself grow data! You are ready to start tracking data! We told you it would be easy...

Already tracking your own data and want to skip the entry form? Contact us at